Why We are Different

SIM is by practicing technology executives for practicing technology executives. Since 1969, The Society for Information Management has been the premier professional association for senior level technology executives.

  • Membership is through “application and acceptance” only in order to maintain the integrity of the group. All member applications are reviewed prior to being accepted in order to ensure the applicant has the credentials and professional experience required.
  • By restricting membership to senior level technology executives, SIM is able to focus on the topics most relevant to our group. Most technology focused associations cater to all roles and levels of professionals in the industry in order to grow their membership base. While this creates diversity within the group, it is difficult to meet the needs of the members.
  • There is strict adherence to our “no selling at SIM” policy. SIM members have the opportunity to network with their peers and discuss common challenges and solutions in a safe environment, without fear of being “sold to”.
  • SIM-Colorado’s programs are targeted for senior level technology executives, giving members the opportunities for professional development, discussions and learning in areas that are meaningful for their professional roles.
  • As an international association with local chapters, there are opportunities to network and collaborate with practicing technology executives from across North America.
  • As a local chapter within a larger association, SIM-Colorado has the opportunity to customize our chapter’s offerings, programs and culture within a broader governance framework.